The Rise of the Toxic Workplace with Anna Robson

    Jan 27, 2021

    Erica talks to Anna Robson, co-owner of Not In My Colour and progressive leadership specialist, to talk about the resignation of the Governor General and the rise of toxic work environments.

    Read Erica’s column this week, where she writes about the GG, power and workplace toxicity: https://notinmycolour.com/horrible-bosses-too-women-can-perpetuate-toxic-masculinity-when-they-get-the-power-to-do-so/

    Read more about progressive leadership and power dynamics in the workplace from Anna: https://notinmycolour.com/horrible-bosses-too-women-can-perpetuate-toxic-masculinity-when-they-get-the-power-to-do-so/

    Visit https://notinmycolour.com/masterclass/ to enroll in a new anti-racism masterclass, starting February 2021. Learn about progressive leadership, how to implement anti-racism at work and creating inclusive workplaces.

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