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Build a business that’s truly equitable.

We are Not In My Colour:

An intersectional business consultancy. We create inclusive organizations and implement solutions to dismantle systemic discrimination.

Equity is the cornerstone of everything we do. It is what differentiates our work from the status quo approach of most firms.

Our advisory services not only solve problems, they implement knowledge and build a learning community for leaders through our masterclass and various workshops.

Political bodies, our choice

Political bodies, our choice

OTTAWA—Under his eye, indeed. Across the border, Republicans and conservatives alike are remaking the United States in the image of the Republic of Gilead. On Monday night, Politico broke the story of the year so far, which is that the Supreme Court of the United...

As the Conservative Party goes full MAGA, we all lose

As the Conservative Party goes full MAGA, we all lose

OTTAWA—The Conservatives have removed their patina of integrity and propriety to go full MAGA. Finally. They’ve been swirling around this bowl for a while. If former Conservative leader Erin O’Toole, who infamously defended the residential school system, was their...

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