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Build a business that’s truly equitable.

We are Not In My Colour:

An intersectional business consultancy. We create inclusive organizations and implement solutions to dismantle systemic discrimination.

Equity is the cornerstone of everything we do. It is what differentiates our work from the status quo approach of most firms.

Our advisory services not only solve problems, they implement knowledge and build a learning community for leaders through our masterclass and various workshops.

So, What is Transformative Mediation?

So, What is Transformative Mediation?

Let’s start with what is mediation in the first place because there are many misconceptions about it. Mediation is a conflict resolution process, not a legal process. It aims at encouraging, supporting and inspiring those who don’t know how to handle difficult and...

Erica talks to Dr Lindsay Tedds about the Liberals' Budget 2021, specifically child care, taxing the rich, pay equity and the current state of economics. How feminist is this first budget delivered by Canada's first female finance minister? Read Dr Tedds' work:...

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