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Build a business that’s truly equitable.

We are Not In My Colour:

An intersectional business consultancy. We create inclusive organizations and implement solutions to dismantle systemic discrimination.

Equity is the cornerstone of everything we do. It is what differentiates our work from the status quo approach of most firms.

Our advisory services not only solve problems, they implement knowledge and build a learning community for leaders through our masterclass and various workshops.

Canada isn’t ready for what comes next

Canada isn’t ready for what comes next

OTTAWA—We’re coming down the homestretch of this god-awful election and evidently the PPC aren’t the only ones with white male rage; Erin O’Toole and Justin Trudeau have turned particularly nasty, as both the gloves and the masks come off. This election has been...

White male rage always gets a pass

White male rage always gets a pass

OTTAWA—White men have a collective problem of violence and they need to take some personal responsibility and pull themselves up by their bootstraps. On Aug. 27, during the prime minister’s campaign stop in Bolton, Ont., the CBC reported, “dozens of angry protestors...

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