Where meaningful

    conversations turn

    into systemic change.

    Where meaningful conversations turn into systemic change.

    Anti-oppression advocacy for equitable solutions.

    We are Not In My Colour:

    An anti-oppression advocacy centre. We create inclusive organizations and implement solutions to dismantle systemic discrimination.

    Equity is the cornerstone of everything we do. It is what differentiates our work from the status quo approach of most firms.

    Our advisory services not only solve problems, they implement knowledge and build a learning community for leaders through our masterclass and various workshops.

    Our Service Offerings:

    All of our services are intended to form a relationship where Not In My Colour partners with you and your organization/business. We understand that you may not know where to start or how to continue, therefore we work with you to offer guidance and expertise to help you along your journey. We invite you to begin your journey with us.



    If you or your team is struggling with talking about diversity, equity and inclusion, we can facilitate discussions on various topics.


    We are excellent writers and you can see some of our work here. We write document reviews, case studies, reports, and public and internal communications with an intersectional lens.

    Education & Training

    We offer a host of educational training opportunities in anti-racism, anti-oppression and intersectionality/GBA+, customized to your team. Our training is designed to be impactful and bring about a new consciousness to participants.

    Research & Analysis

    With over a decade of policy analysis experience in the federal government, we assess the current state of your DEI; gather data; provide analysis for programs, procedures and policies; and provide recommendations for systemic change.


    Erica Ifill is an economist, journalist, podcaster, writer and analyst who founded Not In My Colour and is the co-founder and co-host of the Bad + Bitchy podcast, which provides critical analysis on politics and pop culture from an intersectional feminist perspective.

    Erica is also a columnist for The Hill Times, where she writes about federal politics and economics, with an equity lens. Her bylines include Maclean’s, National Observer, Refinery29 and the Globe and Mail. Erica can also be seen speaking about equity and politics on CBC, CTV and CPAC.