Advisory Services

    Equity is the cornerstone of everything we do. It is what differentiates our work from the status quo approach of most firms. Our advisory services not only solve problems, they implement knowledge and build a learning community for leaders through our masterclass and various workshops.

    Leaders in Excellence 2021 Masterclass

    We’ve constructed a masterclass curriculum for a community of leaders interested in developing their knowledge to create inclusive work environments for The New Normal. Part 1 introduces and expands upon different facets of diversity, equity and inclusion; part 2 takes that knowledge and applies it to leadership development. Space is limited, since we are only accepting 25 leaders. Click here to apply now.

    Workshops and Training

    We design facilitated workshops and training sessions for groups on topics that aid in building equitable organizations and empathetic leadership. Given that each session is tailor-made for each organization’s goals and needs, we require at least four weeks in advance. Contact us to arrange a preliminary meeting.

    One-on-One Coaching

    For those clients who prefer more personal support, we offer one-on-one leadership development coaching with the founders of Not In My Colour. Our elite coaching packages are crafted to address the particular needs of each client and can range from navigating issues of diversity, equity and inclusion to sharpening social skills to solving problems. We offer a safe, confidential space for personal and professional development, complete with guides, worksheets and reading that provide the basis for the sessions. Contact us for a 30-min consultation.

    Consulting: Discovery and Strategy

    In order to build inclusive organizations, we must tear down the barriers that prevent equitable environments. Not In My Colour begins by identifying gaps and barriers embedded in an organizational structure through a discovery process. We then document our findings, detailing specific causes of stress points and resources necessary to address them. Our next step is to deliver a strategy with recommendations for action, along with the required resources for implementation. The strategies we develop use a non-siloed approach to limit liabilities and take advantage of current opportunities. Contact us for a discovery call.

    Consulting: Implementation

    Creative solutions require robust implementation. After we’ve evaluated an organization’s policies, procedures and processes for effectiveness and put together an action plan, we work with senior management and the board of directors to implement the new solutions. To ensure consistency at all levels, we introduce an internal communications plan, as well as training for management and employees. However, our work is not done as soon as the final report is submitted. We insist on regular follow-ups to make sure our clients are getting the most out of the new solutions we’ve implemented and undertake any necessary adjustments. For us, our clients are part of our community, not just another name in a spreadsheet, and we service our community.