We are Not In My Colour.

We stand for equity.
We stand for integrity.
We stand for anti-racism.
We bring humanity back into leadership.

Not In My Colour is an intersectional business consultancy that began in 2008 as a beauty blog for women of colour to find makeup in Canada for their skin tone. However, in 2012, a young, unarmed, Black boy named Trayvon Martin was shot in Florida and then in 2014, Mike Brown was shot by a police officer. Those two incidents ignited a community who has long suffered from racism of a system not designed to see them as equal. Around this time, we took our content creation to new heights, advocating for equality within a system that didn’t offer Black people a fair shot and also castigated them at alarming rates.

Using our prowess in digital media and our raison d’être—to advocate for marginalized communities—we created the Bad + Bitchy podcast in 2017. For the past three years, this podcast has analyzed politics, policy, technology, pop culture and media from an intersectional feminist perspective. It has been nominated for “Best Podcast in Ottawa” by Faces magazine and is one of the only podcasts that speaks for marginalized voices in Canada.

Not satisfied with just a podcast, we took our perspective and dotted the landscape of Canadian traditional media with our writing and radio and television appearances. One of the founders of Not In My Colour and the Bad + Bitchy podcast, Erica Ifill, is now one of the very few Black women in political writing. As an economist, she uses her training to produce in-depth political and policy analysis in her weekly Hill Times column to advocate for marginalized communities. She has also written for: The National Observer, The Globe and Mail and Maclean’s; she has appeared on The Current, CPAC, CBC News and CTV News.

In the summer of 2020, Not In My Colour merged with The Conversation Centre and acquired a new partner, Anna Robson, whose 10+ years of business experience and leadership training and background in law became the perfect fit for the mission of Not In My Colour: to use the crisis of the pandemic to create The New Normal. Through Anna’s prodigious talents in building business processes and leadership training, and Erica’s 10+ years of work for marginalized communities, Not In My Colour provides the training and support necessary to build equitable, empathetic, ethical and engaging organizations. This is The New Normal.

We provide advisory services that take our mission and implements it; we offer organizations support in transforming their business practices, procedures and processes to create a framework to implement a culture of equity and inclusion. These supports include intersectional policy analysis, equity audit, GBA+ analysis, for example. After we provide recommendations to senior management, we implement them in order to provide full support from beginning to end of the transformative process.