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Leaders in Excellence: A Masterclass presented by 
Not In My Colour

Starts February 2021

Our Masterclass takes 25 progressive leaders and creates space for them to address topics of racism and discrimination

We’ve crafted a curriculum that will push you to create a truly equitable workplace, step by step.

Weekly facilitated training sessions of and access to a private community of your peers will act as your progressive safe haven.

Semester 1

February 2021

Learning about Systemic Discrimination

Semester 1

March 2021

What is Intersectionality?

Semester 1

April 2021

Toward Anti-racism and Equity

Semester 2

May 2021

Leadership and Cultural Competence

Semester 2

June 2021

Creating an Inclusive Culture

Semester 2

July 2021

Community Building

Why our masterclass?

After a summer of protests against police brutality and anti-Black racism, many leaders formed book clubs and meetings to listen and learn about the experiences of being a person of colour. Now is the time to take you through the next steps of addressing racism and discrimination in the workplace.

We know that society is sharply evolving. The expectations of leadership are rapidly changing and not keeping up with them can open an organization to liabilities and permanent reputation damage. Over 2 semesters and 21 sessions in total, our masterclass will provide in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of the history and manifestation of racism and discrimination and how it can be addressed in the workplace.

We are your trusted advisors on the journey of your progressive leadership.

What you can expect from the program:

Facilitated Learning:

Our facilitated learning environment means that you will not be lectured to, instead you will be guided toward fruitful learning with expert facilitators. You will feel more confident having discussions with colleagues and employees about anti-racism, equity and inclusion, without the fear of saying the wrong thing. We’ll guide you toward a growth mindset through inclusive leadership.

Isolation Relief:

Progressive leadership can be an isolating experience. Our Masterclass offers a safe space, where you can talk honestly about challenges in pushing for change within your organization.

A Cone of Silence:

One of the most important things for all leaders is confidentiality. It is the basis of trust and it’s the stamp of our integrity.

Navigate Uncertainty:

Many leaders feel overwhelmed by the changing landscape of technology and now the new expectation of leading an anti-racist organization, who have been taught not to see colour as a mantra.

As many organizations are including mandates to foster diversity and inclusion in the workplace, leaders are now scrambling to satisfy these new performance measures and expectations. Our masterclass will help you to develop a powerful voice for equity in your organization and community.

An Experience Built for the Long Haul:

Trust and comfort to be honest take time to develop, and we don’t rush it. Our groups form communities that can go on for years, with members developing personally and professionally with each other’s support. They form strong bonds, so they know that even when they’re lost they have someone to call for advice and support. Even though they may feel isolated in their day-to-day struggles, they are never alone.

Who are your trusted advisors?

Erica Ifill: Economist and Journalist

Erica has an extensive background in anti-racism activism and writes about intersectional issues in her weekly Hill Times column and the Globe and Mail. She also appears on CPAC and the Bad + Bitchy podcast where she provides a progressive lens to the issues of the day. For more details, visit Erica’s LinkedIn profile.

Anna Robson: Mediator and Ethicist

Anna has a legal background in international law and is a leader in ethics and transformative mediation. She has built inclusive businesses from scratch and has extensive experience in strategic alliances. For more details, visit Anna’s LinkedIn profile.

Erica and Anna are available for one-on-one progressive leadership coaching.

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Semester 2

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