Narratives of Resistance with Catherine Hernandez & Pamela Palmater

    Sep 11, 2020

    The Word On The Street is an annual celebration of storytelling, ideas and imagination, hosting Canada’s largest FREE book and magazine festival each September and promoting great books by Canadian and Indigenous authors year-round. The Word On The Street’s City Imagines series explores books that shape cities. Join us online this fall for a wide ranging series of discussions about cities and the people who shape them.

    In this video, Erica Ifill, an economist, columnist. entrepreneur, activist and podcaster, interviews two authors whose new books resist oppression, challenge systemic racism, and call us to take action for social change. In Crosshairs (published by Harper Collins), Catherine Hernandez depicts a frighteningly familiar near-future and a resistance movement led by a queer Black performer and his allies. Pamela Palmater’s Warrior Life: Indigenous Resistance and Resurgence (published by Fernwood Publishing) brings Indigenous resistance to the page offering an unflinching critique of the colonial project in Canada.