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Personal Business Journal: An Introduction

#NotInMyColour backstage at UNESCO International Humanitarian Fashion Show

An Introduction to the Video Series

A friend of mine recently suggested that I keep a personal business journal chronicling my journey from depressed public servant to upbeat business owner. It’s a scary proposition for me, as it will require me to be emotionally naked–to be vulnerable; however in response, I’ll look at it as an opportunity for growth.

Purpose of Video Series

My journey starts as an economist in the Canadian public service and transitions to creating and growing my branding and styling business. In these videos I will tell you my ups and downs, my triumphs and struggles and my redemption. The point of these narrations are to let people know of the hard work, risk-taking, doubt and fear that business owners face on a daily basis and how I deal with them; it is also to inspire others to live their full lives. The video below sums up my purpose for this series and how I feel about my journey through life. (I’m not encouraging anyone to immediately quit their job, but I am encouraging everyone to think about the type of life they want to live and build it.)

That is my purpose here: to live a full life, a life of joy and passion to feed my soul and a life of physical and mental challenges to keep me whole, hungry and pushing boundaries. Here is the personal business journal: an introduction (click link in tweet). I hope you enjoy it and feel free to add a comment or two ?.

An Aside

Unfortunately, I only have the Periscope link this time. I seemed to have recorded the video without sound on my phone (the Periscope version has sound). I’ll pay attention to this in future broadcasts. Until then, there is a mobile and a desktop version of Periscope to view the video.

#NotInMyColour Personal Business Journal

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