Makeup Styling

We believe that makeup is another tool to support your style; makeup is not a substitute, it’s a compliment. We select high-quality products that are customized to your skin type, skin tone, budget and lifestyle.

Makeup Lessons
This is your opportunity to learn everything you can about makeup that works for you. We will come to your house, give you a private lesson and by the time you’re done, you will be camouflaging and correcting with the best of them.

Part 1: The Come-up
This session includes from basic skincare to an everyday look. Includes:

Basic skincare routine;
Colour correcting;
Primers, and more to find your customized everyday look

Part 2: The Glow-up
We will teach you the most current techniques for a nighttime look. Eyes and lips will be the focus here for more complex makeup techniques:

Cat eye;
Eye liner;
Smoky eye, and more.

Makeup Applications
Have an event to go to and need your makeup to match the ensemble? We do one-on-one makeup applications, particularly for those who have an event to attend and want a professionally applied face. For Bridal and Prom makeup applications, please contact us directly.

Makeup Drawer Refresh
So you have a drawer full of makeup, don’t know what to do with it and are in a rut. Let us clear up the monotony by editing that drawer. We will throw out what needs to be tossed and come up with a plan that suits your skin tone, lifestyle and budget. We utilize our extensive product knowledge to give you your glow back.

Makeup Shopping
Does being in Sephora or at a makeup counter overwhelm you? Are you confused by new products? Chances are, you’ve moved on in life but your makeup hasn’t. We develop shopping strategies that are current and customized. Then we shop for you.