Just Kickin’ It, Part 1

  I have recently discovered the TV show, “Murder in the First” starring Taye Diggs (all of a sudden the ladies got interested in this menswear post. I see you.) Given that I am wary of these types of police procedurals ever since I watched, “The Killing” (sometimes that show was worse than watching paint […]

An Intervention

This post is addressed to all you fine fellas who seem to believe it is a commonly acceptable practice to wear white socks everywhere: pulled up to mid-shin, in the summer, with shoes that are not necessarily white (or maybe they are, ugh). I feel as though this disturbingly common trend needs to be discussed, […]

Why Style Matters

Shortly before the opening day of the most important tournament in the history of the world unveiled itself, someone sent me this pic of the England team versus the Italian team, as they disembarked from their long flight to Brazil (I hope you guys picked up that I’m talking about the World Cup). Okay what […]

You Have to Know the Rules to Break the Rules: Wearing White

Since this is Victoria Day/Memorial Day weekend, it got me thinking about fashion rules. There are many fashion rules that people tend to hold on to, even if they’re not fashionable. Chief among them is the old adage: never where white after Labour Day. Traditionally, this weekend marks the beginning of the spring/summer season where you […]

Unpacking the Modern Trench

As Spring intermittently threatens to make an appearance here in the North (well, except for Alberta), we begin to pack up our winter wardrobe for the pleasures of gossamer and linen, through a sun-kissed afternoon, on a patio decorated with clear spirits. One of the staple pieces to utilize this season is the most popular […]