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Introducing Bad + Bitchy, the podcast about intersectional feminism in Canda

Introducing the Bad + Bitchy podcast, a podcast where 3 feminists provide hot takes on the latest in politics, social issues and pop culture from the perspective of intersectionality. We got tired of complaining about various media, political and pop culture fails and feminist issues that still need to be addressed in our Facebook Messanger group chat. So we decided to put a mic on it.

The podcast is published on Podbean and iTunes and will be reposted on this site with all of the links to what is discussed in each episode. Meet Bailey, Erica and Erin, the co-hosts of Bad + Bitchy in this teaser: 

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EPISODE 1: The Pilot

The girls cover the week in feminism, including: celebrating male allies for International Women’s Day, trans issues, sex eyes, and sexist dress codes in the UK. We celebrate our first misogynist of the week!

(iTunes) Episode 1

(Android) Episode 1

  1. This Week in Feminism
  • International Women’s Day – Sophie Trudeau / Status of Women Canada
Sophie Trudeau's Instagram message on International Women's Day
Sophie Trudeau’s Instagram message on International Women’s Day, celebrating male allies with the hashtag, #TomorrowInHand
Status of Women Canada for International Women's Day 2017
Status of Women Canada’s message of equality for International Women’s Day 2017
Status of Women Canada for International Women's Day
Status of Women Canada’s male-centred message of equality for International Women’s Day 2017

2.   Rent & Receipts

Bailey: Ottawa police officer subject of SIU sexual assault investigation
Erica: Police officer charged in the death of Abdirahman AbdiConstable Montsion was a no-show at bail hearing
Erin: MPs debate sexist workplace dress codes following petition

3.    Misogyny/-ist of the Week

Man Takes Picture Humping 'Fearless Girl' Statue

This is why we need feminism

Posted by NowThis Her on Tuesday, March 14, 2017