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Bad + Bitchy Podcast Episode 2: They Bring Out the Blow for Everybody

Cocaine, weighed and formed into a skull motif

Cocaine, weighed and formed into a skull motif

Bad + Bitchy is back with episode 2, “They Bring Out the Blow for Everybody” AND we have our own domain:, which can be accessed from ANY device. To listen to episode 2 on iTunes click this link: Episode 2 on iTunes

This week Bailey, Erica, and Erin discuss the Week in Feminism, including: Niki Ashton’s cultural appropriation, Justin Trudeau’s Broadway date with Ivanka Trump, and Taylor Swift. They also discuss Senator Don Meredith, the BBC girl, and periods. Who’s this week’s Misogynist of the Week? There are 3 candidates, and ~you~ can vote on our Twitter poll.

This week in feminism:

  Big Sean big-up:

Rent & Receipts:

Erica: Thinx Promised a Feminist Utopia to Everyone But Its Employees

Bailey: Don Meredith says ‘racism has played a role’ in his sex scandal and related: Senator Lynn Beyak stands by residential school remarks, cites ‘fake news’

Erin: 7 jobs the BBC interview girl could do when she grows up

Misogynist of the week:

Don Merideth: see above

Donald Trump and the Angela Merkle:

The woke misogynist:

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