Not In My Colour is a digital public relations agency that builds brand awareness and exposure across a range of online and offline services for businesses and organizations. From offline networking to social media engagement, we deliver outcomes that extend beyond the limitations of a traditional PR firm.
With a decade of experience in digital media, Not In My Colour is one of the most advantageous digital-first PR agencies in Ottawa, which combines the power of the image with the substance of the message to deliver your brand’s voice both online and off. We understand the power of the screen. We understand the importance of an authentic message. Our job is to help you command your message and connect to your audience.

Our philosophy is:

Style 👖 + Substance 📚 = Social 📱

We have a message that resonates:

Through our affiliate, the Bad + Bitchy Podcast, we can offer our clients extended reach and exposure to a loyal, targeted audience. With 3 women who provide analysis on the latest in current affairs from an intersectional feminist perspective, we have a platform to spread both our message and yours.