About Us

Not In My Colour is a digital media business that provides social media and digital branding services to individuals and small businesses. We are a female-owned and operated brand who are social media experts with 9 years of experience under our belt. This experience and our design knowledge has led us to become brand experts in creating and managing brands that are driven to provide positive experiences for their customers. We believe in the diversity of our people: their backgrounds, ideas, experiences and approaches. From this basis we are able to develop and elevate brands from a position of authenticity using digital and visual tools for brand design and distribution.

Our philosophy is:

Style 👖 + Substance 📚 = Social 📱

We marry the unspoken communication of style with substantive values to create social profiles that are engaging, informative, energetic and most of all, real. We believe in the reality of a brand’s story and the diverse ways of communicating its narrative.

We always have something to say:

In a world that has been upended by politics, economics, pop culture and the intersections thereof, we always have an opinion. This is why Not In My Colour underwrites the Bad + Bitchy Podcast where 3 women provide analysis on the latest in current affairs from an intersectional feminist perspective. It is released once a week on various platforms, including iTunes, as well as on the Bad + Bitchy website.