The Natural Beauty Myth

  As part of my Lazy Sunday ritual, I like to peruse the web for interesting articles, videos, etc. The article I’m about to reproduce here mirrors a conversation I had with an acquaintance, namely that beauty is work and that the concept of “natural beauty” doesn’t really exist, especially as you get older. It […]

Success is a Journey

This week has been marked by my re-commitment to the gym. I’m back, baby. What does this mean? Well, I’ve been lackadaisical with my workouts since the beginning of February and I’m tired of  half-assing my commitment level–it’s either piss or get off the pot, so to speak. Even I need my own motivation to […]

An Ode to My Trainer

Whenever I tell people I have a trainer the response is either, “wow, you have a trainer? Must be expensive,” or, “why can’t you just train on your own, don’t you have willpower?” (That question irks me). Getting a trainer can be pricey, but well-structured, goal-oriented fitness will open up a new world and will […]

Why Am I Not In Trinidad?

I w­­­as going to write a post about sample sales (stay tuned), until I scrolled through my Facebook feed and recoiled at the horrific truth before me: Trinidad Carnival in all its glory, while I was here suffering in the cold, snotty, effed up winter weather. Why are these horrors? Think about watching pictures of […]

Don’t Call It a Comeback

Gingham seems to coming back hard this spring. I’ve noticed that the menzes (men) around the office have been sporting it in full force and good for them. Gingham gives a polished–yet fun–look for the office. The visual detail, combined with the crispness of the geometric pattern, creates a visual containment that can be undone […]