The War against Ashiness

There is a war going on my friends, a war that confounds even the most seasoned beauty mavens: the war against ashiness. Yeah, that’s a term that separates the men from the boys. If you know what ashiness means, then either you’re black or I know you’ve hung out with black people for an extended […]

Good Hair

So I thought I’d do my part for Black History Month and provide an atmosphere of cultural exchange. A few years ago, Chris Rock wrote, produced and hosted a documentary on afro hair. He was inspired to make the movie after his daughter came home and asked why she didn’t have “good hair”. This movie […]

Guide to Online Shopping, Part 3

The Sweet Spot. It’s the perfect place to be, the area at which different factors balance out to give an optimal result. With shopping, this place is subjective, but I believe in attaining the best quality clothing you can, given your budget constraint (ah, the economist in me always seeps out). Different stores carry different […]

Are Night Creams Beneficial?

A reader asked me a question about night creams a couple of weeks ago, more specifically if they provide any benefits. The answer is unclear, to be frank. Night creams are thick, heavier versions of day creams, intended to be more moisturizing. They contain more lipids (fats), active ingredients to address specific skin issues (such […]