Why Women Should Lift

So I was at the gym, minding my own business as I usually do, adjusting the height of the rack that holds the bar on the bench press (also called “spotter arms” or “catch arms”). Now the mechanism for adjustment includes pulling on a knob to adjust the height of the arms up and down. […]

Guide to Online Shopping, Part 2

Now that we know when the best time to shop is, let’s cover the how. In all honesty, shopping is an art, not a science. You don’t just simply choose something and say, “I want that.” There are many considerations such as: quality, fit, fabric, colour, price, availability, selection, location, etc. Online shopping removes the […]

Guide To Online Shopping, Part 1

I recently got a question about online shopping—more specifically how I do it and whether or not I am afraid that the items won’t fit. In my opinion, ‘fear’ is not the word I would use, considering there is actual bad stuff in the world to fear, but I understand the sentiment. Online shopping has […]